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Welcome to 

Smoke Berkeley BBQ! 

Where we blend the rich tradition of Texas-style BBQ with a touch of South-of-the-Border flair.

Our story begins in 2011 when our beloved restaurant was founded by Tina "Mama T”, a talented chef known for her mouth-watering recipes.  In 2013, her son Michael, the bi-product of Mama T's culinary prowess and his grandmother’s "Granny Joyce’s" restaurant business acumen, joined the team. With 25 years of business experience and being raised in the restaurant industry, Michael brought a new perspective to the table. While Mama T's passion lay in creating delicious meals and engaging with customers, Granny Joyce instilled in Michael the importance of efficient operations and meticulous process auditing.

For over a decade, Michael worked alongside Mama T, implementing minor changes regarding process and human capital management.  Through those 10 years even though entrusted with running the restaurant, he saw many opportunities for improvement. Determined to ensure the restaurant's success, Michael embraced the business side of things, combining his kind disposition and “dangerous” culinary skills with a strong work ethic.

After surviving the challenges posed by the pandemic in 2021 and with the uncertain business climate and real estate constraints in Berkeley, Mama T made the difficult decision to close the bricks and mortar establishment and take a much-needed break.

During this hiatus, Michael rediscovered his love BBQ and smoking meats. Realizing the immense passion he held for rubbing meat, smoking brisket, and running the business, he seized the opportunity to reimagine what his perfect BBQ concept would look like and decided to take off on his own and start a brand new concept Taste of Tejas, LLC dba Smoke Berkeley BBQ.

Now, as the Chef, Pitmaster, and owner, Michael is dedicated to preserving the history of Mama T's favorites while expanding the menu to appeal to a broader audience including more American Foods and Tex-Mex favorites.

Recognizing the current economic climate and the soaring real estate market, Michael made the strategic choice to embrace food delivery and pickup as core components of the business model. Our website serves as a hub for ordering online, and we have partnered with reputable third-party delivery companies like Doordash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats to ensure convenience for our valued customers.

As we embark on this new chapter, we invite you to experience the old-time charm and history here in Berkeley paying homage to Mama T's legacy while also explaining the essence of Texas-style BBQ and our Tex-a-Cue fusion. Join us as we prepare for our grand re-opening on July 1st, just in time to celebrate the BBQ Mecca Day on July 4th. We are committed to making this venture a resounding success and appreciate your continued support.

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